Why Raw Denim?

So why Raw Denim? 

Raw Denim is denim in its purest form. When it comes to designing and manufacturing CAKE DENIM the most sustainable option is the only option. 

The Peron

Raw denim also known as pure denim means the denim fabric used to make your clothing comes straight from the loom. The fabric is woven and untreated. The fabric is cut and sewn into the clothing and then sold skipping the post production treatments. The finishing process of denim garments typically includes the washing and distressing.

 CAKE DENIM uses fabric that uses pure indigo to dye the denim fabric meaning no harsh chemicals or pollutants are used when manufacturing our clothing. Since raw denim doesn’t undergo any washing zero water is used to achieve its final color. In addition the articles of clothing that receive post production finishings are taken to eco-conscious wash houses to ensure the most sustainable washing process is chosen. Either way, with the use of pure indigo no harsh chemicals pollute our planet. 

Another benefit to raw denim is the fit. Since zero water is used, the cloth’s fibers haven’t been broken down during the washing process thus meaning your body will do the breaking down. This process of breaking in raw denim will stretch and mold the fabric according to your body’s shape and movements. Therefore, giving you the best fitting jean. 

The Kennedy

In addition to the breaking down of the denim fabric, raw denim allows the opportunity for you to distress your jeans according to your body. Thus meaning the fading and tearing of the jeans will be where they are supposed to be. When jeans are altered to accommodate shorter or longer lengths sometimes the holes especially in the knees don’t line up properly. However, when you buy raw denim the wear and tear will take place exactly where it is supposed to. 

Not only is raw denim is the most sustainable option but provides you with a tailored experience to distress your own denim while providing you with the best fit.

Also, raw denim glows. It has a reflective shimmer to it. 

Be sustainable. Be raw. Be real. Be you. 

Have it all. 







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