FEED YOUR MIND. Mental Sustainability Edition

This blog is a little 7 minute snack. 

2020 has been a very strange year for all of us around the world. I thought I was handling 2020 very well. At the beginning of 2020 I had been practicing dealing with stress and negativity in a healthy way, rather fall into toxic positivity. 

During 2020 I realized that there were things I needed to learn and adjust in order to build a mental sustainable lifestyle that would last. To me sustainability means something built to last, something that will perpetuate a brighter future. 

2020 was super hard and it wasn’t until January 2021, after I dealt with all the serious stress of 2020 that I felt like I was having a breakdown and suffering from major burnout. I know I’m not alone with this burnout and here’s what’s helped me survive 2020,  and is currently helping me cope with the current state of 2021 and the after affects of 2020. 

10 Things that helped me still be productive will be burnout.

ONE. Finding someone to talk to. 

Talk to someone you really trust and can confide in. I have a therapist and it is a luxury and if you have tried it, but didn’t love it, I’d recommend trying out a few therapists I know it can be expensive, but for me it’s an investment, it improves my relationships, my moods, my motivation. No matter what you go this! :) 



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TWO. Breathwork. 

Starting each day before starting my work with breathing exercises. When I’m home around the holidays, before encountering any of my family I would make myself take 10 breaths, pause, reflect on how I was feeling, and if I needed more space I’d journal. If all of us decided to get in the kitchen at the exact time, I’d take a break to breathe, because I learned I’d rather take breaks and check in with myself than get annoyed at my loved ones. Even though I was most likely there first, because when looking for my keys, the first place I unconsciously wander is to the fridge. ;) 

For an interesting (15 minute) mini-documentary/review on breathwork!

Youtube Link 


THREE. Journal.

Journaling is. great tool to reduce stress. It also helps me figure out why I am feeling this way.


FOUR. Get outside more.
Get in nature. Wherever you are at least try and catch a sunset. Pause take a break and be still. 
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FIVE. Ditch the caffeine.

Don’t over caffeinate. If I’m feeling sad or in a funk, I would find myself chugging a cup of my favorite caffeine to pep myself up, essentially to bring myself out of my funk. Instead of addressing my current state of sadness and stress, I’d force myself to push through. I learned that ignoring my sadness, and working rather than resting would result in a larger burnout and more stress, less productivity further down. So I remind myself that it is okay to be sad, to struggle with productivity and motivation. On those days I am extra kind to myself and do not push through whatever I’m feeling. Also, epsom salt baths help when I’m in a funk. And if I’m extra lucky I can get in a good cry sesh :). 


SIX. Working out less is more.

If I’m tired or stress I workout less. If working out makes you feel better not just in moment but in the long run then do it. My rule is if I find myself having to find extra motivation (a cup of coffee) to want to workout. I skip it all together. If work & school is super stressful that week I do yoga rather than weight training. 


SEVEN. Sleep more.

Cutting back on caffeine helps me sleep better and I’d highly recommend. Sleep more. I’m currently researching how to train myself to nap. So if I can’t nap, I try to take a child’s pose and meditate during my unproductive hour (2 PM). I’ll let you know if I stumble across some snooze winning tips. 


EIGHT. Celebrate the small achievements!Treat yourself you earned it. Also, I bribe myself, if you finish task x, today you get your favorite latte and pastry. If you finish a large project by this deadline you get y


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NINE. Set a mini goal timer. 
To help me focus and take scheduled breaks I set a timer for 20 minutes and then break for 5. If I can’t stay focused for long, struggle getting started, or don’t want to work, I set my timer for something I know I can handle. Anything to get back into the habit of focusing. Especially, if you are working in a new setting with lots of distractions. There’s some great apps to use to block distractors on your computer! Find what combo works for you! 



Here’s the one I like! 



TEN. Take a full day off!

This one is my favorite, but also the most difficult one for me to do. Schedule a full day off worked for me. Don’t open a single email, take a single call, don’t you dare even open that text. DO NOT DO ANYTHING THAT CONSTITUTES AS WORK OR FEELS LIKE WORK. People can wait, work can wait.It will all be fine. Everything and anything work related can hold for a day. This made a huge difference for my overall productivity throughout the week. This was when I partake in what I call Art Therapy an uninterrupted time to scheduled my creative outlets such as doodling, drawing, designing, anything that is fun is a yes. Emails are not. See what works for you, maybe you like taking two half days. Test it out. Give it a try. :) These are also great days to dopamine detox! (More on that later).

Thanks for sticking it out. I hope this helps!

I would love to hear from you guys! Be sure to drop me a comment if you need anything! 

Thank you again!  Happy work day! 


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